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Happy Birthday, Tucker & Grant!

Meet Tucker and Grant. They are identical twin’s who just celebrated their first birthday. The boys are my second set of identical twins, and even though they look the same, their personalities are each their own.

twin boys first birthday photo session southern oregon photographer


Grant is the more verbal of the two and was much more content to just sit for his session. He also gave so many smiles! He has his bottom LEFT tooth coming in, while Tucker was just cutting his RIGHT.

Grant also refused to hold the letters that spelled out O N E.

one year old boy photo session southern oregon baby photographer

I just got in this awesome vintage Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt top off of eBay and was so excited to use it for their session.


Tucker is more physical than Grant and definitely wanted to MOVE! He loved playing with the O N E letters and wanted to Army-man crawl all over the place.

I sent their mom some cute clothing options from Osh Kosh for inspiration and she bought them both adorable khaki pants with old fashion suspenders and button-down, collared shirts. I dug through my hat stash and luckily had matching driving caps that fit them. I kept Tucker in blue throughout the session, and Grant had a white shirt with khaki driving cap and his cake was green. I suspect that their family is going to have a hard time remembering who’s who down the road so I try to keep it easy to identify them later.

southern oregon baby photographer natural light studio vintage quilt


I always ask clients if there is a space or wall in their home where they are considering wall art. I have a nifty iPad app called Shoot & Sell and plugged the image my client sent me in and created this wall display for their new home. This takes the guess work out of choosing prints for you wall and you’ll know exactly how much wall space it will take up, but also how the images will look together.

custom wall art photography


Their mom originally wanted some 5×7’s of the boys spelling out the O N E and a few from their cake smash, but wasn’t sure yet what she’d do with them or where she’d put them. I suggested a collage print so all the images were together and really to display.

She chose her 3 favorite images of the letter images and 3 from the cake smash and I created this collage during our ordering appointment. It will be printed as a 12 x 12 mounted on white styrene with a UV coating. It will be amazing framed, but could also sit on a self as is.

first birthday cake smash photo session southern oregon medford photographer


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Henry James | 25 months

My baby boy is growing up so fast! He’s still a tiny small-fry, but has moved up from the 1st percentile to the 6th percentile for height. He turned two last month and is due for yet another hair cut to keep those front hairs out of his eyes.

He’s pretty much the epitome of a rough and tumble little boy and is definitely my busiest child. He constantly keeps me on my toes. If I forget to lock the deadbolt on the door to the garage, I’ll find him out there wearing a pair of his big brother’s soccer cleats and his bike helmet. I think he’d live in the backyard if I let him.

boy with basketball in southern oregon studio photo session

We just took the rail off his crib and said goodbye to the pacifiers. I thought ditching the paci at night was going to be an issue, but he’s slept two nights perfectly (knock on wood!). Nap time is a different story. He used to go down without a peep whenever I told him it was time – as long as he had his blankies and a paci, I’d close the door and he’d be down for at least 2 hours. Now he cries for about 30-40 minutes and I have to stay in there with him until he falls asleep. I hoping this is just a temporary transition.

southern oregon child toddler photographer

I recently invested in a studio light (an Einstein and 86″ PLM) and I set it up for the first time the other night. I shot these photos of Henry using the light on a super grey and cloudy day and am pretty pleased with the results.

I took the photos of my son, Sam, below when it was completely dark outside right after he came home from ballet. I’ll still have to play around with it as the only light source in my studio as I prefer having the fill light from the windows (the wall goes very grey with no fill light), but at least now I can get some shots of my older two kids any time of day. Since they are both in school now, I feel like I have NO recent photos of them.

If you have no recent photos of your kids, PLEASE bring them to my studio and let’s capture this moment. This moment before they loose their first teeth, as she’s learning to take her first steps, this moment as she’s changing from a little girl into a tween. It happens in the blink of an eye!

southern oregon family photographer medford

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The New Year is in full swing and here at Crystelle Marie Photography we are excited to see what this year brings! We are looking forward to meeting new faces and seeing how much our past little clients have grown and changed.

We really want to focus on documenting our clients and families for an entire year in 2017 so we have just officially launched our VIP ANNUAL PASS program.

The VIP ANNUAL PASS program is available to clients who invest $1000 or more at their ordering appointment. You’ll receive unlimited VIP Mini Sessions for 12 months!

Read the details under the Investment tab, or click here.

As a THANK YOU to ALL my past clients, we are offering ONE VIP Mini Session to all of you through April! Whether you were a client last year, or when we first began back in 2013, a newborn client or mini session client, YOU can take advantage of these amazing sessions.

Want to WIN A FREE VIP Mini Session?!

Keep reading for the details.annual pass mini session southern oregon photographer

How about a FREE VIP Mini Session? We are looking for testimonials and post session feedback from our clients to improve our service and help make your CMP experience the best it can be. To be entered in the giveaway, please fill out this Post Session Client Survey form by February 28th. We will draw a winner on Wednesday, March 1st. The winner will receive a Studio VIP Mini Session to be held before April 30th, 2017 ($250 value. The winner may also choose an Outdoor VIP Mini Session for only $100).

Enter the Giveaway!

What about those who haven’t been a CMP client?

Have you always wanted to book a session with us, but for one reason or another haven’t? Maybe you don’t want to do a full session, or it’s been a while and you love the idea of doing small sessions throughout the year to document your child’s development.

For a limited time, we are offering an open enrollment into our VIP ANNUAL Pass Program. 

The enrollment fee is only $650 to join and gains you access to unlimited exclusive mini sessions for 12 months. This fee includes your first Studio VIP Mini Session as well! For an Outdoor VIP Mini Session, the enrollment fee is $750.

Enrollment ends April 3oth, 2017.

Email us at hello {at} crystellemariephotography {dot} com today to enroll.

We hope 2017 brings many wonderful memories to you and your family. Crystelle Marie Photography would love to help document those memories and preserve them for generations to come.



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Welcome to the world, little Hunter! Baby Hunter came to see me at 17 days new with his mom, dad, and big sisters, Harper and Natalie.

southern oregon newborn photographer

His dad is a woodland firefighter and his mom wanted to incorporate his gear into an image with baby Hunter, like they did with his big sister, Harper. I chose a dark wood backdrop for this image to depart from my normal white and airy aesthetic and to make it feel more woodsy. I had initially wanted to place him on his tummy laying across the helmet, but at 17 days old Hunter was NOT having any part of that! He was perfectly happy being swaddled, though, and my assistant and I did this potato sack pose instead, resting him upright inside the helmet and leaning him against dad’s backpack.

baby photography in southern oregon with firefighter gear

Look at that red hair!


Big sister Harper was just 17 months during our session and she did pretty well for a baby/toddler – much better then my own 20-month-old toddler would have done! I tried to work quickly and managed to capture a few with her looking at the camera and smiling.

southern oregon family studio photographer

I put the sisters in matching crochet-top dresses I picked up awhile back from Pretty in Paint. With mom’s lacy top and Hunter swaddled in a cream fabric, it all pulled together nicely.

southern oregon child photographer

We finished the session with some images on a black backdrop. Mom requested this foot shot below with baby’s feet held in the parents hands. It’s definitely a favorite from their session.

newborn infant photographer

And mom chose this black and white image below to turn into a canvas.

black and white image of awake newborn

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