Custom Wall Art using Shoot & Sell app and Design Aglow Frames

One of the services I provide my clients is wall art design using a fun iPad app called Shoot & Sell. It allows me to choose from several stock wall images, like this one below


Design Aglow Frame collection in woodworks espresso brown

or, import a picture of my client’s very own wall, like below. I tape a piece of printer paper to the wall, tell the app it’s dimensions, and then the app knows the scale of the room.  This client chose the Design Aglow Frame Collection 4, but it needed to be slightly modified to include both vertical and horizontal images. Below is the arrangement we came up with including the images she wanted on her walls.

Shoot & Sell Design Aglow Frame Collection

Now, the client knew exactly how the frames and images work together and how much wall space it would take up.

And this is the final result:

Design Aglow frame collection hung on walls

Whether you are creating wall art using just one giant canvas like in this post here, or 8 framed images like I did for this client, using the Shoot & Sell app helps my clients visualize the final product. As a totally indecisive person myself, never sure what I should do with my images, I really like being able help others create beautiful spaces using their own family as their art work

Design Aglow Frame Collection

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