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In the age of shoot & burn photographers (which there is totally nothing wrong with), I wanted to set myself apart and be, and DO, something different. In my own experience, when ever we’ve had a family session with another photographer and we received nothing but digital files in either the form of a disc or download, those images just sit…. untouched, unused, and unseen. Maybe most people aren’t as indecisive as I am, but when given upwards of 50-100 images, I just don’t know what do with all. Which images should I get printed, where should I put them? I’ve lived in my house for over 3 years now and still have very little hung on the walls. I just can’t decide what should go where!

Sound familiar?

Well, this is exactly what I didn’t want to do to my own photography clients. Rather than just hand over a USB drive (CD’s and DVD’s are going the way of the 8-track, in case you didn’t know-at least when it comes to computer technology), I wanted to provide a service that will take those images out of cloud and actually get them hung on their walls and displayed around their home.

Enter Preveal.

Preveal is an awesome iPad app that shows how images and clusters of images will look on your own walls, to scale.

Preveal Loktah Canvas 20x30 - Phoenix Oregon Photography

I recently used Preveal at a Session Premiere and I was able to show my clients exactly how their 20×30 canvas is going to look on their walls. It allowed us to sort through some of their favorite images until we picked the image that was just right in the space.

I cannot wait to use this around my own house, my mom’s house, my friends’ houses…. everywhere! I want to pack up those store-bought, boring, unoriginal “pieces of art” and hang artwork made of my clients’ own families all around this valley. (psst! I even will come and HANG your canvases, standouts and frame prints for you!)

Here’s a preview of some of the products I offer my clients:


If you’d like a custom portrait experience that goes beyond just a photo shoot and disc, please click on the “Say Hello” tab up top and let’s discuss how we can create one-of-a-kind, custom wall art for your own home!

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