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This is my daughter, Caitlyn Skye. She will be 7 in less than a week. She’s sweet, kind-hearted and caring. She can talk up a storm and loves to teach her little brother.

She wants to be an artist. I have drawings all over my house and she can draw better now then I ever could. She calls herself an artist-in-training.

She is a ballerina. This is her 4th year in dance and she looks forward to when she’s en pointe. She loves to dance in The Nutcracker and is hoping to be a “party girl” this year in the opening scene.
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She’s smart and funny and has always been a pensive child. Even as a baby she’d give you this solemn look and would never smile at strangers.
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Can I just freeze her here for a little while longer? This is her Teddy, a stuffed bear I received as a baby shower gift while she was still in my belly. She sometimes has different favorite lovies, but she always comes back to this little white bear. While she is growing up so fast, she is still my little girl – my little girl who wants to have her picture taken with her favorite bear.
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The curse of a photographer is that your children NEVER want to be photographed, at least not mine. I try to document their every day moments, but the second I touch my camera, they have this 6th sense and instantly stop what they are doing. I have to take what seems like hundreds of frames before I can actually catch a natural smile, so when I do get one, I’m over the moon. For this session, I actually brought my daughter along on my little sister’s back-to-school photo shoot. I’m pretty sure in these smiling shots, my sister, Michaela, is giving me bunny ears without me knowing, thinking she’s pretty funny. Sometimes it’s best to do a shoot with no one else around to distract the child, but sometimes it’s best to have someone along, like a 5-year-older aunt, that can do goofy things to get a smile.
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Born with stick-straight hair myself, I have to say I’m pretty jealous of my daughter’s wavy/curly hair. They are ringlets when it’s wet and it dries out to be soft waves down her back . Her goal is to have Rapunzel hair though I’ve kept if trimmed as she constantly has new little wispies around her face.
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Happy 7th Birthday, Caitlyn Skye. You are loved and adored more than you could ever imagine.

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