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My Print Philosophy

One of the most important things to know about my business is that I am a print and product-based photographer. What does that mean? It means that my goal for EVERY client and every shoot I do is to have a physical, printed product created as the final result. Digital files are a very lovely thing, but what do you actually DO with those files after a session? Share on social media? Make a Christmas card? Those are great, but what about in 5 years? Do you even know what hard drive they are on or how to access them? Do you have them backed up in case your hard drive fails? And what happens if/when your hard drive fails and all those digital files are just – POOF! – gone???

Here’s the deal: DIGITAL FILES ARE NOT ARCHIVAL!!!! Even if they are stored on a cute, custom USB Flash Drive like what I give my clients. Some day USB ports may go the way of a floppy disc, and then what?custom usb southern Oregon photographer

Did you get that?

Digital files are NOT archival.

Do you know what is archival? A printed image.

5x7 print white boarder matte proofs

We can re-create a digital file from a printed image, but you cannot create a printed image from a corrupted digital file. This is why I give a complementary printed proof image with EVERY digital file I sell. It not only guarantees my clients actually have some sort of physical product from our session, but it also serves as reference for when they go a get prints made on their own. I only use the best quality, professional print labs, and while there are very good online labs available to consumers, I cannot and will not guarantee the print quality from any lab but my own. And I can guarantee the prints you order from Wal-Mart or Costco are NOT going to look like they should – but the why-you-should-purchase-your-prints-from-a-professional-photographer is a subject for an entirely different post.

So whether its a museum quality, 100 year archival certified canvas, heirloom album, loose prints in an image box, or a cute little mini accordion album, I really want to create a custom work of art for you that will last for generations.

Digital files will NOT last the test of time, but your professional, heirloom quality printed products from your session with me will! layflat signature thick page album newborn mother photo sessionmiller's signature thick page album with leather cover and casemini accordion album southern oregon photographer

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